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Graduate Programs :  

The neuroscience teaching is conducted in English by the Center’s local and international teaching staff, and in collaboration with departments in Mahidol University and other universities. Teaching facilities include interactive multimedia, and computer assisted instruction (CAI). The graduate curriculum consisted of a combination of compulsory and elective courses, and experimental research dissertation. The following are lists of core courses in Neuroscience Program:

STNB 600 Introduction to Neuro- and Behavioural Sciences

STNB 601 Neurobiology

STNB 602 Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology

STNB 603 Advanced and Contemporary Neurobiology

STNB 604 Developmental Neurobiology

STNB 605 Biophysics of Neuronal Membranes and Synapses                

STNB 606 Neurochemistry

STNB 607 Neuro-, Psycho- and Behavioural Pharmacology

STNB 608 Neuroendocrinology

STNB 609 Sensory Processes and Perception

STNB 610 Neural Control of Movements

STNB 611 Cybernetics

STNB 612 Comparative Neurobiology

STNB 653 Research Methods in Neuroanatomy

STNB 654 Research Methods in Neurophysiology

STNB 655 Research Methods in Neurochemistry

STNB 656 Research Methods in Neuro-, Psycho- and Behavioural Pharmacology                  

STNB 657 Computer Technology in Neuroscience

STNB 658 Advanced Instrumentation in Neuroscience

STNB 659 Selected Topics in Contemporary Neuroscience

STNB 660 Neuropathology

STNB 661 Experimental Neurology

STNB 662 Experimental Neurosurgery

STNB 663 Integrated Clinical Neuropsychiatry

STNB 690 Seminars in Neuroscience

STNB 699 Thesis Research

           By 1999, forty students have graduated from the Master Degree and eleven from the Doctoral Degree in Neuroscience.

In addition, the Center also offers many other courses for groups of medical and professional students on campus, and interested groups or individuals. This includes: Introduction to Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Health Psychology, Biological Basis of Behaviour, Nutritional Neuroscience and Foods Which Influence Brain Functions, Stress and Stress Management, Drug Abuses, Behavioural Aspects of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Brain and Behavioural Development in Human.