Welcome to the Second International Congress of International Society for Brain – Behavioral Science
and Medicine (BBSM2008) in Bangkok, 23 - 28 May, 2009

ISBBSM is an international organization comprised of multi- and trans-disciplinary scientists and healthcare professionals primarily active in the field of brain – behavioral science and medicine. The goal of ISBBSM is to advance knowledge about brain-behavioral science in both health and
diseases among scientists, health care personnel and among the public worldwide. ISBBSM was founded to improve various problems related to human brain – behaviour disorders, to promote health, happiness and well-being worldwide, and to encourage prevention and treatment of various brain - behavioral
disorders. We at the ISBBSM are working toward increasing worldwide awareness of the importance of healthy brain and behavioural development for the better future of mankind.

ISBBSM aims to act as a link between various neuro- and behavioural science and medical associations and cultures in theadvancement of worldwide healthy brain – behavior, and happiness. We have successfully launched the First International Congress BBSM2007 with the theme “The Brain and the Future of Mankind” with more than 600 participants from around the world in Bangkok, Thailand; 6 – 9 October 2007 (see www.bbsm2007.org ) Our overall goal is to create a forum for an exchange of
experience by those involved in neuro-behavioral science, psychology, behavioral medicine, neurologists, psychiatrists, sleep medicine, pulmonologists, internists, general practitioners,pediatricians, otorhinolaryngologists, other specialists with an interest in brain and behavioral disorders, psychologists and psychotherapists, and, of course, nurses and technicians.

The Congress plans to organize keynote lectures, symposia, courses, workshops, as well as poster, oral and platform presentations covering all areas of Brain – Behavioral science and medicine at both the basic and advanced levels.

We hope that this Congress gives a fresh impetus to practical medicine and improves the diagnosis and treatment of brain-behavioral disorders in addition to facilitating exchange of scientific know-how among researchers from a wide range of countries. We hope to offer a rewarding opportunity to discuss
global social developments that stand in the way of healthy and happy life.

Yours sincerely,



PhD Founder of ISBBSM,
Chair, Program Committee 2007
Neuro-Behavioural Biology Center, and Salaya Sleep Research Laboratory,
Institute of Science and
Mahidol University,Salaya,

  Nittaya J. Kotchabhakdi
MD, M.Sc., FRCPed.
Chair, Local Organizing Committee Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
Sudhansu Chokroverty MD, FRCP President, WASM New Jersey Neuroscience at JFK, Seton Hall University, Department of Neurology, Division of Clinical Neurophysiology, Sleep Medicine, NJ USA
  Wayne A. Hening
MD, PhD Member of Program Committee 2007 Dept. Neurology,
UMDNJ-RW Johnson Medical School, NY, USA