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Course Coordinator: Dr. Sukonthar Ngarmpramuan Email: sukonthar@hotmail.com
Teaching Assistant: Asst. Prof. Chanchai Songthaveesin Email: racst@mahidol.ac.th


L1_Organization of HumanNervousSystem 2010 Download PDF file 2.93 MB Video Part 1   Video Part 2   Video Part 3
L2_Method for the study of neural functions 2010 Download PDF file 6.83 MB
L3-1_ElectricalActivitiesof NeuralTissue2010 Download PDF file 9.39 MB Video Part 1   Video Part 2   Video Part 3   Video Part 4   Video Part 5   Video Part 6   Video Part 7
L3-2_MethodsForNeuralFunctions2010 Download PDF file 5.06 MB
L6_NK_SpinalCord_July2010 Download PDF file 8.15 MB  
L7_NK_Brainstem_July2010 Download PDF file 7.16 MB  
L6-2_NK_ReticularFormation_July2010 Download PDF file 8.64 MB  
L6-3_NK_VestibularSystem_July2010 Download PDF file 7.49 MB  
L8_NK_Cerebellum_July2010 Download PDF file 6.48 MB Video Part 1  Video Part 2  Video Part 3  Video Part 4  Video Part 5
L8-2_NK_Thalamus_July2010 Download PDF file 4.26 MB  
L10_NK_LimbicSystem_July2010 Download PDF file 2.93 MB  
L11-1_NK_CerebralCortex Download PDF file 8.67 MB Video Part 1 Video Part 2 Video Part 3
L11-2_NK_HigherBrain Download PDF file 11.4 MB Video Part 1 Video Part 2
L12_NK_MotorSystem_July2010 Download PDF file 9.42 MB Video Part 1 Video Part 2 Video Part 3 Video Part 4
NK_NeuralConrolBeh_Limbic_Prefrontal2010 Download PDF file 6.12 MB Video Part 1 Video Part 2 Video Part 3
NK_NeurodegenertiveDisease of CNS. Download PDF file 5.16 MB Video Part 1 Video Part 2
NK_Socaial Behariour20010 Download PDF file 5.60 MB Video Part 1 Video Part 2 Video Part 3
Neuronal Determination and Differentiation  

Video Part 1 Video Part 2 Video Part 3 Video Part 4 Video Part 5 Video Part 6 Video Part 7

NK_Genome-Behavior-Aug2010 Download PDF file 5.07 MB  
NK_Exogenous toxic and Acquired metabolic disorders Download PDF file 6.49 MB  
NK_Mental Health and Ethics Download PDF file 5.18 MB  
Lecture 1_Psychophysiological Development Download PDF file 5.13 MB  
รายวิชา 3804662 Download PDF file 456 KB  
Lecture 2_Psychophysiological Development Download PDF file 23.6 MB  
Lecture 3_Psychophysiological Development:
Developmental Stages of the Human Mind and Behavior
 Download PDF file 16.9 MB  

Lecture 4_Psychophysiological Development
Sukonthar Ngampramuan, PhD.

Download PDF file 2.51 MB  

Lecture 5_Psychophysiological Developmemt
psycho-Motor Coordination

Download PDF file 6.37 MB  

Lecture 6_Psychophysiological Developmemt
Cognitive and Intellectual

Downloand PDF file 8.62MB  
Research Center for Neuroscience@Mahidol:
Part,Present and Future Goals
Downloand PDF file 14.4 MB Video Part 1

Lecture 8_Psychophysiological Development:
Learning and Memory

Downloand PDF file 11.0 MB  

Lecture 9_Psychophysiological Development:
Emotion and Affective Development

Downlond PDF file 8.12MB